¡Hola! I am Noelia, the teacher and mother who created CC Spanish.

I always wanted to be a teacher, since I was a little girl I knew that was my vocation. I became a Primary School Teacher in Tenerife, where I am from.

I decided to become a specialist in Teaching English as a foreign language, but even though I finished my Degree in Colege, my English wasn’t perfect. I moved to Ireland 8 years ago with the idea to stay for a few months and improve my English… And here I am! Working with children in Ireland since.

When me and my partner Michael welcomed our gorgeous daughter Kairi to the world, I realised it was time to start my dream; teaching Spanish to children, opening their world to foreign languages and learning about other cultures, as Spanish is my mother tongue.

This is how CCSpanish (Cuenta Canta
Learning before) became a reality.